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img_5059-1024x768If we were having coffee we’d be having it with a slice of Torta Caprese, a flour-less chocolate and almond cake. Served with a good dollop of Crème Fraiche and some fresh strawberries (it is the season so it would be rude not to).

Staying local, has forced us to appreciate what we have, cycling round Arthur’s seat more times in 10 weeks than in 20 years. So the search for a bit of variety has kicked in, sticking to our 5 mile radius this weekend has seen more exploration of our local cycle-ways, disused railways turned into cycle paths. Amazing bunch of inter connecting routes that are hidden away and have the ability to disorientate even though I know the city well. They are on the other side of the town to us, the side we typically drive through on the way to somewhere else. We incorporated it into a trip to the bakery we found last week with the addition of a couple of essentials that we didn’t manage to get in our click and collect shop.


Covered a good 10 miles in all, via a fairly circular route. Made a couple of mistakes as we popped up our heads which is a good learning for when we come out of this lockdown. More educated about the space we live in, which will also help me get about town in future as part of my weekend exercise and weekend shopping… ‘messages’ as they are affectionally known as in Scotland.

I’ve decided that the cookbook collection has got too big and it’s time, it’s out of hand and needs to be sorted. Which is easier said than done. The criteria for both discard or a keeper both fraught with nuances, was it a gift, how many recipes will we use again, will I need it in the future, as I flick through memories are evoked on the decisions on why I bought it in the first place. The books I’ve picked up at charity shops are easy to sift through and let go with my reasoning being that the charity made good money on my spend. It’s the new books that that coveted my attention at the time, I didn’t buy then lightly. Then there’s my favourite author from back in the day, his newer books not hitting the mark, or touching my needs of now. Do I really need to complete the range, they don’t match anyway.

What I do know though is that having too many on the go has caused me a bit of paralysis, too much choice and I’m finding that the books I want to enjoy and learn from can easily be deviated from. So the sort out is really a goal of trying to simplify and focus. Will let you know how I’m getting on next week….need to stay focused!


The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Eclectic Alli that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.

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    1. Yeah, online is great, another distraction for me as well though, also our library allows us to download the monthly cooking magazines.

  1. Good for you to explore by bicycle. Books are hard to let go. Perhaps sort them in three piles Definitely keeping , Maybe, and Haven’t used much and go from there.

    1. Like your suggestions on the piles…..ended up with 4. Definite keepers…main shelf, Reference & someday maybe… PC shelf, Probably should let go….the neutral zone (Not quite an attic)…..and the recycle pile.

  2. Ooo sorting out books and giving some up is painful. There is so much thought behind choosing a book. I feel with you on this one.

    How great to get to know the bicycle paths in your city better. I’m hoping to do that in my city as well, its just the fact that for me that would mean bringing my daughter, that hates everything that has to do with bikes. At least at the moment.

    Thank you for the coffee and cake.

    1. I really feel for you on the cycling, Could you get a tag a long, or are you past that stage?

  3. It is always difficult to let go of books that you have bought and enjoyed in the past. I find that I go through mine every few months and each time I am able to let go of a few more.

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