Learn to cook through making soup

The word Soup conjures up so many feelings and memories.  Just thinking about it, it probably was one of the first things I made for myself in relation to helping my mum out. ‘What would you like for lunch, why don’t you nip to the shop and buy a tin of soup?’ It was a treat, I got to pick the flavour and at the time I didn’t realise how I was helping my mum out. It was always a tin of Heinz Big soup, probably ham or chicken.

Then there was a year where Mushrooms seemed to be everywhere, and every meal seemed to consist of mushrooms, including a milky soup. I shudder at the mention of this, the taste is so unique it instantly takes me back in time, I can eat the soup it just stirs something deep inside me, probably something I had no choice over.

As a student, I probably went back to my favourite tinned variety and then my best pal introduced me to Chicken and Sweet Corn soup from the local Chinese takeaway. At one point we tried to make it ourselves where whisked egg whites meets chicken stock became a complete disaster and we didn’t try it again!

30+ years on for me the humble tin of soup still lives on, both lunches over the weekend consisted of soup purely for convenience at the time. The boys can get it going and we all sit down with a loaf and some cheese. That said the boys can also reheat stuff we’ve made, pulled out the freezer.

I’ve bought many learn to cook books over the years. They usually start with eggs, or start with a cartouche or some other unworldly technique within a couple of pages.

I’m suggesting home made soup for the wannabe cook as a starting point. It’s an amazing place to start, a great way to learn about foods and simple techniques, it can be forgiving in so many ways. It really doesn’t matter how you chop your onion or your carrots if you’re going to blitz it. At the same time it can be healthy and tasty.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting various Soup recipe ideas, recipes to make your own, or just to fuel your ideas. I’ll add the links here, you can either bookmark this or click on follow so you get them in your in-box as they are added.


Would love to know your favourite soup, or whether this is a great place to start as a cook.

12 thoughts on “Learn to cook through making soup

  1. Soup is so great. I was laughing about the mushroom soup because I can remember it being added to cauliflower or potatoes and any number of other things. Hmm, a favourite? I can’t commit because I find it depends on how my taste buds are feeling. I had chicken soup today.

    Do you have a pumpkin soup recipe?

  2. I love soup so much! 😍 Especially in the fall. Potato soup has always been my favorite and a few years back I even tried my hand at making it from scratch! It turned out pretty ok. 🙂

    1. Just looked up the word veloute and came across a two mushroom veloute…..I think that’s a far cry from the milk and button mushroom soup I was served up as a child. Definitely could give it a go.

  3. I love this! Strangely, as a child, I hated soup! Now, as an adult, I LOVE it!
    Due to physical disability, cooking needs to be on the easier side. I’ll watch for any recipes that you feel come together most easily. And I love mushrooms!❤️
    Thank You ❤️

    1. The roasted butternut squash is probably the simplest in terms of cooking that I can think of at the moment but I can appreciate that it could be hard to navigate the various pans and appliances which I’ve taken for granted. Really appreciate you reading.

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