October 21


Scribbles for the weekend #8

Wow, here we are in October.  Sunrise at 07:16 and Sunset at 18:48!

The blueberries are local,  from Fife just across the water.  They are rugged not conforming to the military pea size shape that I’m used to, with a taste to the bite that bursts in the mouth. This always seems to wane with air miles and I wish they could be like this all year round.   I’m also finishing off the Greek yoghurt which feels decadent for breakfast and I remind myself it’s been a tough week with back to back teams calls, be kind to yourself!

This week’s morning routines have been effected by rain, the most we’ve had in a long time marked by the fact I had to do a school run, which happens once in a blue moon, or in this case Monday morning where the skies just opened up.    Everything feels fresher for it, but with a cold that starts to bite if you’re not moving.  The Tuesday morning run is certainly a lot colder and a mental note needs to  be taken, I really need to get the gloves out for the next time.

This is the month of pumpkins and apples, with the leaves turning, gathering in piles as the wind swirls them into position.   The veg boxes are typically a little heavier loaded with a squash, a Savoy cabbage and a Cauliflower in this weeks one. 

I’m hoping to cover a couple of recipes this weekend, but still haven’t got myself organised as to what they might be.  Although I’m definitely inspired by this parsnip and ginger loaf that popped up in my Instagram feed.  I’ve currently got my head in the same book that the recipe comes from which is a bonus.

On the writing front, this six months of ‘Writing in Community’ has come to an end and I’ve decided to enrol straight into the next starting on the 11th which means I’m feeling a little in limbo, at the same time as excited.  Every day now I try to write a few words and as a consequence I’m on my longest streak with the weekend coffee share!  It’s all about the practice.

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.

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    1. I’m a sucker for any root vegetables in cake, in an effort to get 1 of my 5 a day in 😊

  1. My sunrise time was the same and sunset was 10 minutes later at 18:58. I’m so glad for the “Writing in the community” as it means you’ve been writing regularly. Thank you for sharing your week and the cake recipe with #weekendcoffeeshare.

    1. Thanks Natalie, always amazed by the way the world works. I was on a 9pm call last night, speaking to someone In Australia as the sun was rising. Will try post a picture on the cake.

  2. I can taste those blueberries right now. That’s the thing about berries – the very berryness of them dissipates the further they are away from where and when they were picked. Just found you on Instagram and are following.

  3. I haven’t really ever cooked with parsnips. I had so many blueberries on my bushes this year but due to our one 115+ degree day, I lost quite a few.

    1. The weather extremes we are getting now is such a worry, and so cruel on the home produce. We had a fortnight of no rain whilst we were away camping….which was great. But came back to a garden that had suffered badly. Never given it a second thought before, given the climate here in Scotland

  4. Hi EC.

    About your writing streak; I too realized somewhere in the past 3 years that the weekend coffee share pieces really have helped me maintain a degree of consistency and practice with my writing. As you’ve seen, I freely allow myself to drift into the creative side as the muse moves and sometimes, my coffee share is fully set in fiction.

    Also, writing about writing has also forces me at times to organize myself better and driven me to produce something that I can both report completing and be proud of. It’s been a goo influence even though I sense my coffee shares often don’t look or read like the others. You all have been most patient with me.

    Finally, I so wish you could send us some, any of, your rain. California, with the help of our broken state government is returning to its desert roots.

    1. I wish I could send some rain, we were in need at the same time we got more than our fair share! The world is a little crazy on the weather front and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

      I’m definitely coming to terms with writing as a practice, about showing up and putting something down daily….and then sharing it. It’s the sharing that I really struggled with. Thanks for saying hello and I appreciate you being here weekly.

  5. I’m not sure about parsnip in a cake. My cakes are usually wickedly unhealthy but made to be shared. We’ve been in lockdown for 3 months and I’ve barely baked at all. I needed a bit of a breather and have been more focused on my research and writing, and wrote some of that up in a new blog which I’ve introduced to this week’s Weekend Coffee Share. Regular writing is so important and the weekend coffee share has been keeping mine going while I’ve focused more on research. I’ve also appreciated the friends I’ve made over the years here as well.
    Hope you have a good week.
    Best wishes,

    1. Parsnip is an odd one! We like to experiment, and it was mid week as a little afternoon pick me up. Death by chocolate would naturally be my choice 😆

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