California Road Trip

A double coffee this morning in an attempt to put the body clock right. We are eight hours out and all out of sorts. Back from a dream holiday, one of those that are planned in the head for years, perhaps even as a child. Locations you see in films, the holiday brochure that sits on the bookshelf in the one day section. A holiday we’d been planning long before Covid was even mentioned anywhere. The trip to coincide with my wife turning 50 and school finishing up before university. In amongst those years of dreaming, we booked flights and then all that obviously got blown out the water and essentially it became a roll over trip a year on.

The run up was fraught. Work was crazy and knowing I was going to be taking 3 weeks out meant I wanted and needed to do more in order to make sure the ship ran smoothly whilst I was away.

Add to that I got COVID just in that panic period. I was petrified it would be me that stopped us from travelling. I was petrified I’d pass it on to the boys or my wife and that we’d end up cancelling again.

Although I was functioning I felt that I lost 2 weeks of my life in a fog, separated from the family. Kept at a distance for meals. Remote working to keep the plates spinning. Willing the ailment to leave my system so we could travel. Amazingly days before, the tests started to turn negative and the rest as we say is history.

I can’t quite believe the time that has passed and we are back from California. I hope to write more about the trip which covered off:

  • San Francisco
  • Napa
  • Kirkwood/Tahoe
  • Yosemite
  • Santa Cruz

We kept our tour very small in the grand scheme of things. An attempt to enjoy our days, to not be in the car everyday and in an effort to do quality, not quantity.

I kept a tiny jotter through the journey and although mentally I’m committing to writing this up I know that Monday is just around the corner…..and that reality will bite!

Time to get back to it.

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