Sun and Snow

Ski Panorama - Grand Motte
Ski Panorama – Grand Motte

Absent for a couple of weeks on the blog, apologies, I’ve been on a small break, checking in barely with my writing.  Feeling guilty, but at the same time I know it’s been well earned. 

We’ve had 6 blue sky days in the French Alps, a small purpose-built village in the Tignes Resort that seems to have grown organically over the years.  Val Claret, a mix of old and new self-catering chalet style accommodation.  Literally ski to door.  With lifts and a funicular that has had us whisked away to a mountain oasis of white and blue sky.

Each morning, greeted to a space blue, a 7am alarm sees the tip of the great rock that we can see from the window escape from the shadows.  It starts with a silhouette of gold and gradually the rock face is golden.  Its going to be a good day!

Although this is in the background, the new monolith of a super hotel sits in front of us.  We can see folk dashing for breakfast along the corridor that joins the main building.  Last year it was but a shell this year a fully functioning machine that’s part of the industry that makes the whole mountain resort possible.

I’ve new boots this year and as of day 6 and I can report that usual foot pain, and weird ankle muscle that I never knew I had, has made no appearance.   The usual aches and pains of a fifty-year-old not used to solid exercise day in day out appear gradually.   They are welcome and make me feel alive.  The niggle in the back ever present.   But The tonic of the blue, seeing my sixteen-year-old son and my wife ride the snow like they were born to do it is worth the pain.   

We return home to so much growth in the garden, the shift in the light makes me feel like I’ve lost a lot of time, missed some opportunities.  The guilt is there in terms of writing, that despite taking my iPad I made no use of the time I had away.  The airport was not conducive to work and with 3am starts at both ends the brain really wasn’t functional so I was kidding myself that I might get anything done.  I need to forgive myself, and remember I needed to step out of the race for a few days.

Monday morning and the routine begins again, looking at a different mountain, a different demand on my day. I’ve been missed, the projects are really starting to ramp up as we realise March is just around the corner. The professional, the learner in me want’s to dig deep and get into the new technologies. A reading list as long as my arm.

I reach to Notion to try and organise myself, it seems to be on it’s knees at the moment. My brain needs to work fast. A delay in loading pages to sort my actions and calm the panic isn’t happening. Last night I started looking for an alternative. Adding more to my angst. It’s manageable today but I now have doubts.

The doubts fester, they grow and I start thinking about everything I need to get my head round. The back bone of my system failing me is not what I need right now.

Friday, and the Notion delay is really starting to get to me. I feel I’ve spent more time trying to get it to work quickly than the value I’m getting from it. I think I will be resorting to my good old trusty BuJo jotter and OneNote. I can feel a click-bait kind of article coming on. Why I ditched notion for and improved my life by writing stuff down manually. Need to make that snappier 🙂

The weekend has some DIY planned for me, a job that I’ve been stalling on for months. My excuses run dry. It’s a job I don’t think needs doing, replacing a tap that’s already there for one with a shower head. It’s one of those jobs if it’s not broken don’t try to fix type things. I think I’ve been putting it off as I’m scared to touch it!

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.

18 thoughts on “Sun and Snow”

  1. The ski trip sounds wonderful! Sometimes you’ve got to step back and leave the work behind to connect with your family and relax.

  2. Your time away sounded great. I’ve tried a few of those apps and have resorted back to manually writing things down – I kept forgetting to look at the apps I was using. Heavy heavy sighs. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Your ski trip looks great. Some Moen shower heads are easy to install. I’m a novice DIY and was able to change two shower heads. You’ve got this. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

    1. thanks Natalie. Bit of an awkward under the bath job. But I’m going for it, feels like too small a job for an actual plumber, and too much destruction would ensue.

  4. What a great holiday – glad the new boots made it even more enjoyable. I hope you’re back up to speed with everything soon and that the plumbing goes well.

  5. I’m ready for a ski vacation in the French Alps! Look gorgeous. A friend has been posting photos of the Swiss Alps (she lives in Geneva) over the last week so I’ve been thinking Alps recently.. Hope your transition back to normal life goes well….

  6. Hey Alex,

    The ski trip sounds like a dream, which, at my age – is by far the more likely reality rather than my ever putting on a pair of skis again.
    I shook my head for you on the idea of taking our systems with us when we’re away from work. I still do it, but rarely do I actually look at work stuff. I’m doing well just to glance at the email pileup.
    And the DIY load – ugh! I hear and sympathize. My own home repair list is crushing me.

    But enough of that. We should talk food which we both enjoy.

    Have I ever told you about my favorite breakfast hot cereal recipe? Yes? Maybe? Regardless, I’ve improved it and think you would love it.

    1) Boil raisins & chia seeds until the raisins plump up using almost the amount of water you expect need for everyone you’re serving. Stir often. Make sure nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pot.

    2) Stir in ~ 2 teaspoons each of rye and flax seed flour per person (PP). If you can only get the seeds whole, just boil them with the raisins and chia seeds. Get it softly boiling again and continue to stir often.

    3) Set a timer for 3 minutes if using whole normal oats. If using quick-oatmeal cereal, set it to just 1:30.

    4) Stir in 1/2 – 2/3s of your oats with ~ 1 tsp of butter PP. Keep stirring until the timer goes off.

    5) Around the 3:00 time (1:30 min for quick oats) stir in the rest of your oats and start the timer again for either 3 or 1:30 minutes. Check your water and add more if needed. If the cereal is too runny, add more oats to this 2nd batch. Keep stirring until the timer expires. You should see some of your oats turning mushy and the later batch still mostly whole, but not quite crisp. This difference in textures improves both the taste and nutrition of the final cereal

    6) If desired, pour in about 1 Tbs of maple syrup PP. You can also use brown or white sugar, but it won’t taste as grand.

    7) At this point, the cereal is ready to be served. I like to add the milk right into the pot, but some folks prefer to add their own. If they’re in season, this is a great time to add blueberries or other berries as desired.

    This cereal is packed with protein, lots of natural grain nutrients and flavor. It may force you to postpone your lunch because it really stays with you for many hours.

    Welcome back to the very busy real world.

    1. Thanks Gary, I never look at work, that’s easy to ignore once you get past the initial shakes 🙂 Recipe looks great, for point 1, How many raisins/chia seeds do you recommend? Do you think you could leave everything overnight and then cook?

  7. Your photos are breathtaking! And it sounds like you have had a lovely vacation. As for as guilt regarding the blog, I try to remember that I control the blog; it doesn’t control me. It’s okay to take a blogging break.

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