May Sun – Coffee Share

Arthurs Seat

Athur’s Seat, The warmth arrives

6:15am and I start the day going through the comments on my blog, the comments I made on someone else’s blogs. Easy wins on the road to feeling like I’m making progress. It’s better than checking the news and scrolling aimlessly. I enjoy the connections I’m making, a friendly jibe about small talk. A comrade in arms in the technology space relating to my predicament on a technology project. The gardener and the writer all stepping out their personal projects. Friends from across the globe and a nice way to great the day.

I’m gearing up, trying to wake my body and get ready for Thursdays run. I never feel like the run on Thursday goes that well. Tired from the meetings and constant conversations, and as I write this the feeling of bailing on the run is conquered by knowing I need this runners rush to get through another day of dealing with the machine.

The sun is shining so I’m keen to the route up by Arthur’s seat and down the innocent railway, a circular route that keeps me motivated most the way. Still a nip to the air, but the first time without gloves and the extra layer. I can’t resist taking a few shots as I reach the park.

Arthurs Seat a Runners View

A runners view

On reflection as I write, can’t help thinking this exercise routine is helping me keep grounded, to enjoy the light and how it changes. Today the world feels green and lush, it’s fresh the puddles of rain still to dry up and this little part of the world is alive and ready for the rays.

What else has gone on this week:

We watched the final of race around the world last night as it was broadcast, unusual for us in itself to watch live tv. We were that engrossed. Couples competing (two brothers, 2 pairs of father daughters, a married couple and two friends) across Canada with back packs, no phone, limited funds, and 8 or so check points they need to make 52 days. Awe inspiring stuff, moving to tears and a sense of achievement.

BBC One – Race Across the World, Series 3, The Final

I’m also hooked on Slow Horses on apple TV, a back stabbing spy drama. Clever, whitty, plot turns.

On the cooking front:
I was in the Portobello fishmongers on Saturday, looking for inspiration for tea as well as buying a couple fillets of Hake. At the same time, I couldn’t resist picking up an Arbroath Smokie. A hot smoked haddock, didn’t need cooking on the day in order to stay fresh as it had already been cook. The smokie, a renowned Scottish delicacy originating from Auchmithie, a small fishing village 3 miles from Arbroath.

My first encounter of having an Arbroath smokie was attending the highland show at Blair Athol Campsite. One of the concession stalls had set up shop by rigging up a smokery and making these beauties on site. Wrapped in a brown paper, on a damp day after camping, it was just the ticket for an elevenses snack.

So armed with a smoked haddock, I had no idea what I was going to do with it! Until the pressure of being given tea duty on Tuesday night.

Omelette ala ready steady cook:

4 Eggs lightly beaten
Knob of butter
Arbroath Smokie, flesh removed from the bone, broken into pieces
Double Cream – 50ml or so
Hard cheese – 50g or so grated (Parmesan/Gruyere)
Bread Crumbs – 50g or so

Using a pan that suitable for the grill in the oven.
Turn the grill onto a high heat

All whist on the hob:
Bring the butter to a bubble on a gentle heat
Add the eggs, and cook for a minute flat, forming a little layer
Add the fish, scattered evenly
pour over the cream, slowly, not looking to over power the eggs
scatter the bread crumbs.
A little shuggle, then place under the grill

Will be fairly quick so keep an eye on the bread crumbs as they begin to toast (5 mins or less)

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.

7 thoughts on “May Sun – Coffee Share”

  1. I agree with you 100%, it is a fantastic way to start a weekend morning to have a friendly coffee chat with friends from a round the globe. For some reason it has become a habit for me to reevaluate my blogging habits every spring (around march, before the nice weather arrives,) and I keep asking myself if it’s meaningful to keep up with the blogging. Sometimes I make small adjustments, but I always come to the conclusion that blogging is s positive thing for me. Some weeks I read hundreds of blogs, other weeks only a few. I keep coming back to the ones I find interesting (often for completely different reasons.) I think I’ll have an extra cup of coffee for a proper cheer to the benefits of blogging! Cheers! Thank you for sharing the lovely photos from your run. I also enjoy coming back to the same places to see how the season changes.

    1. Thanks for coffee Maria, I love the different perspectives you get, especially from you and how you spend your time, and the season. I know what mean about re-evaluating the habits and I’m grateful that you keep saying hello and sharing.

  2. Hey Alex,
    Yea – progress on the blogging front. It too feels good to have gotten as far as we have.
    I do feel fortunate that I decided to create my stories on Pages rather than Posts.
    Pages are easier to catalog and save for re-sharing as often as I feel the urge and after several years – some have quite a story of their own to tell down in the comments section.
    Just like conversation between friends who happen to be 0-24 time zones away, possibly in an opposing hemisphere.
    It’s good stuff, but yea- get out there and get that run done.
    I bet you need it as much as I need my daily pile of steps.
    After a staircase and I had a terrible first date, I’m almost mended and am back up to 3-4 of the 5 miles I was walking each day.

    1. Sorry top hear about the tussle with the stair case, long term effects of a niggle can influence the mind so much if we don’t get that daylight. Interesting thought about posting as pages rather than posts. I’m sure there is something that could help catalog posts, an add in somewhere….but like all things comes down to time and if it works it works. A long long time ago I was into Drupal, now that was a beat at orgranising things. Again something else to eat into hobby time…..Need to stick to the fresh air! Catch you on your side of the interweb in five!

  3. I agree..I’d much rather read comments, and blogs and post comments than watch the news anyday. I hope you didn’t bail on the run. I definitely find when I share my walking journey online, it keeps me accountable to get it all done, unless there’s a valid reason for not. I love how you said this:can’t help thinking this exercise routine is helping me keep grounded, to enjoy the light and how it changes. it’s so true!!! That show sounds like Amazing Race which we watch here in the US. I’ve loved watching it.

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