These are the ramblings of an IT guy with a collection of cookbooks that brought down a set of newly installed shelves…. They were heavy and I have too many, nothing to do with the build!. For the time being living at work whereas I used to be in an office five days a week. It’s more a journal of random ideas and postings, from a guy who likes to cook and enjoys the odd adventure.

Scribble, the words and Scran, a Scottish word for food. This is my place on the internet where the thoughts and musings are my own. My place to write about the meanderings around the kitchen table with the odd adventure thrown in as I explore the mountains of Scotland and take the odd holiday from the world of technology delivery.

Cooking for me is a practice, habitual and with rhythm. For me its a place where I find mindfulness and creativity, a place to escape. If you forget about the washing up I create, I like to think it’s one of the ways I help within the house. It’s a place where I grow and and learn.

Over the last few years I’ve been writing this blog in fits and starts, mainly like my exercise routine. I try to do better every day, make the right choices and move forward. 

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