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Coffee and a Scone

Sunday already and I’m wondering how the weekend is flying by so quickly.  So we are going to take the post in reverse order whilst we have our coffee.

Nice little piece in the paper this morning about Delia (the queen of cookery books here in the UK).  She is obviously promoting a book and it’s not a cookery one, going all philosophical on why we matter and I can’t wait to read it.  I mention this not about the book, more because of one of the journalists shares on the interview and what Delia said to her.

Cooking isn’t about perfection, she tells me; it’s about achievability. “I once went to a Women’s Institute thing, and I remember thinking: I’m not at all sure my jam would pass muster here.”.  Delia/Rachel Cooke – the guardian

Essentially the ethos of why I love cooking, it helps me achieve and create.  I’ve been watching the great cookery book challenge in association with Jamie Oliver and Penguin.  I’ve found it fascinating and depressing in equal measure.  As folks recipe books get rejected or accepted in a highlander style there can be only one.  It’s a tried and tested TV formula and I’ve fallen for this series.  It’s not as brutal as some.  These cooks/chefs are good, their ideas great and it can make one wonder what is the point about my side project.

That said my side project is for me not and not TV, it’s maybe something I’ll pass on at some point.  I’ve set myself a challenge of ten transcriptions from the black box with two in the bag this week. At some point I will get around to cooking them!

For the rest of the day, got an experimental soup to have a go with.  The bag of kale that came in the veg box is calling and I thought I’d have a go with the pressure cooker.  I forgot to soak any beans last night and there are enough odds and ends in the fridge to cobble something together.

The hoover has started making strange noise, some kind of blockage.  Will disassemble and try and rescue it.  The toaster has a fault, so will try take a look at that and generally keep myself out of mischief!

Saturday (I know confusing, I wanted to lead with Delia!) morning and I was greeted with the words that will strike fear into a mans heart.  ’We need to take a trip to the bathroom showroom!’ The time has come where the arrival of the plumber/bathroom fitter that we booked six months ago is looming on the horizon.  I’ve been in denial, it’s functioned well since we moved in a good five years ago.  Deep down I agree it needs to change and long over due on the projects.  A cycle and a coffee out as part of the process, making our way back along the canal armed with a phone full of photo’s of toilets and sinks for a post match reflection.

In amongst the usual I’m now watching Reacher on Prime.  It’s very good and for those in the know, nothing like watching a side shoot of a Mission Impossible film.  I’ve also spotted Picard is back, every Friday.  I’m not sure I can take another weekly series as we sit patiently for ‘This is Us’ to appear every Thursday.  However it seems hit and miss on whether it’s going to appear.  So Picard needs to build up for now, before temptation takes over!

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.

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  1. Susanne

    I’ve always detested that sort of TV show where people are rejected or “voted to leave” or whatever in that manner. Why can’t they just do a fun challenge to try something new? I would enjoy watching that.
    Is the Picard you talk about the Picard I think it is? I really like Picard. I know there’s a series about him that I haven’t yet seen.

    • akeerie

      Yes, if you are a Next Gen fan, it is the very same. The first series was very good, this is the start of the second. They seem to turn things round so quickly these days.

  2. Maria

    I agree with Susanne, I cannot stand watching people be rejected. It kind of hurts inside.
    The coffee and the scone looks delicious though! Reminds me that it was a long time ago since I made scones. I need to fix that, just not right now, I’m about to start preparing for a Mexican feast tonight. We often have Mexican food for our Sunday dinner. I’ve been slow cooking two different types of beans in a chili sauce all day. I’m about to start cooking some steak, and make steak/beans/cheese burritos now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    • akeerie

      Feast sounds great with slow cooked beans…..the best ingredient, time! I hope the feast went well. Thanks you for saying hello.

  3. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Alex,

    You know you had me at beans & a pressure cooker.

    I’ve been lazy for months now, using canned beans, canned stewed tomatoes and canned refried beans all stirred together with some kind of sausage, a bit of red wine, fresh onion slices and fresh ground pepper doing multiple stints in the microwave served with good bread, garlic powder and butter.
    This will never make me look like any kind of chef – but man! It is sooo good.
    Well, at least my daughter and I think so. My wife, who can’t do onions and has a limited affection for beans is not as impressed.

    Then you bring up the sore topic of bathroom remodels….
    Ugh – we have one that is going to cost a fortune and I’ve been in worse than denial for over 2 years. My wife is past impatient with me on this one.

    Can we just stick with talk of beans and a pressure cooker?

    • akeerie

      If you have have a recipe that works Gary, don’t change it. Definitely room for canned beans and my larder (more a drawer) would be empty without. My favourite has to be a tin of chick peas. Let’s not speak of re-model again, nor the spelling mistake! Thank you.

    • Rowena

      Eat too many beans, Gary, and that bathroom reno will need to be accelerated!

  4. Thistles and Kiwis

    Think I have to make scones now….and as for Delia’s new book…will have to look out for that!

    • akeerie

      Has to be done every now and then! What is your favourite? fruits scone, cheese scone or plain?

  5. Kirstin

    I loved your thoughts on why you love cooking and that quote was great. That show sounds interesting. I think your side project sounds neat too. I think it would be fun to put favorite recipes together in a book, either for future generations to read (maybe with little story as to why it was a favorite).

  6. Rowena

    I relate only too well to your concerns about whether your cooking efforts stack up, and being intimidated by the masters. I am a huge fan of Masterchef. My cousin is actually the Food Producer on the show, I still remember her adding the cream and strawberries to Mum’s famous sponge cake on family birthdays.
    Australia’s 1st Masterchef, Julie Goodwin, lives locally and started working with the local radio station. I met her at my daughter’s school and she signed my copies of her cookbook and I was in awe. I wrote a post on my blog about our encounter and joked about how Julie had never made me a meal, and the next thing I was contacted by the radio station and told I had won a prize and Rabbit (the other host) was coming to drop it over. Suddenly, Julie appeared and the next thing she gave me a container of her butter chicken and we made a salad together in MY kitchen. It was incredible. Anyway, here’s the link to the original post: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2017/05/13/masterchef-julie-goodwins-essential-cookbook/
    Now, I need to run to pick up my daughter and it’s started bucketing with rain again.
    Best wishes,

    • akeerie

      That’s a great story Rowena, and a great day. I bet your cousin has some great tales to tell.

      • Rowena

        And no doubt the best ones she’s not allowed to tell!

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