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It’s the start of December and it feels like a light switch has gone on, a ramp up to make the days brighter as we head to the big day of the year.   Normally there is a gradual build up and here in Edinburgh there are establishments that light up there entrances from October which typically get a shake of my head.  Working from home and staying away from the town has stopped me from being that frog who doesn’t notice the gradual build up of heat in the pan.  All of a sudden it’s here and bang we are on the count down, the radio is now in open season as the annual songs get played and Whamageddon begins (you get a free pass surely if you heard Last Christmas in November).   My email is a constant fight,  I’ve had no end of last chances to buy something, as it grows and grows.  How many ‘really this is your last chance really’ emails can I get.

As I visited various blogs over the last few days several celebrating thanksgiving It’s made me pause for thought about where we are heading this year and what might be.  A single advent candle got lit yesterday, normally we have two, one for each boy.   It’s absence marking that there are one three of us at the table each night.   This advent our eldest son is at university which is another change to our cycle of tradition.  We have a wooden tree, that we’ve been bringing out since he was two.  It’s obviously seen lots of chocolate, little toys and tiny bits of Lego.  One year I distributed a Lego Christmas scene across the days so it got built up gradually.  Latterly we divided it up by four in a kind of lucky dip, where favours, little notes were to be shared if you got that day.  This year it’s just back to chocolate….and I guess it will change again.  As I hopefully grow older and wiser I’m starting to learn to take each year as they come and enjoy them for what they are.

A football/soccer match to get out the way, whilst I deal with messages (heading to the shop and the library) is the plan this morning.  Then my fifteen year old, son and I are off to get the Christmas tree from the community woodland and his mums Christmas present.  He’s after a wood block that he’s going to turn into a bowl using the school lathe.   So bit of an adventure today.

I’m starting to think about the food over the holiday week and there are certain things that I’m looking forward to such as a cured salmon that we eek out our lunches over the break.   A trifle which to be honest I would have every other day if I could in the same way my wife would choose a crumble.  We typically though save the trifle for Christmas and it marks a special time, it brings back memories of my grandma’s buffet table.  It’s also something that my mum taught me how to make.  My plan is to write this up this weekend….for some reason my writing has been blocked by a simple task and I need to break through.

On that note it’s time to get the jobs underway, thank you for the coffee and I’ll be round later.

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.


  1. Gary A Wilson

    Hi EC – yea, when the month of 12 hits, we can no longer deny that Christmas is upon us. I have one customer who dug themselves into a nasty hole with a new application deployment which is preventing any real thought of taking the month as an easy month, but I’m grateful to be employed and thankful for another year of decent health, family and blog success. With our kids scattering, we have stepped down to a fake tree and I really don’t miss all the mess and fuss with the real ones that we got for decades.

  2. Natalie

    I hope you share a photo of your Christmas tree when it’s ready. Your 15-year-old son is quite talented to turn a wood block into a bowl. Have a great weekend! Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

    • akeerie

      Managed to get a small piece of oak, will see what happens! The tree escapade was some adventure. Must make some notes and include in next weeks share!

  3. Susanne

    I really like your attitude to take each year as it comes and enjoy it as it is – a very healthy mindset that will never disappoint and allows you to live fully in the present.
    I’m totally with you about those e-mails! I was about to put anything like “cyber”, “black”, “sale” or similar in a filter to have it all in the junk folder. I hope this comment doesn’t get in your spam folder now because of those words! 😂

    • akeerie

      All good and the filter seemed to realise you were a real 😀 thanks for popping by

  4. Thistles and Kiwis

    I haven’t heard ‘Last Christmas’ yet…have escaped it so far! Your food plans for the festive season sound good so far. I agree with Natalie and your son planning on making the bowl! All the best from a rather wet Wellington.

    • akeerie

      Saw on an another blog you guys were getting the rain really bad. Hope you’r doing ok. We are due another storm and there are places in Scotland and Northumberland that still haven’t got power after nine days, so feeling very fortunate.

  5. rawsonjl

    We find our traditions change a bit each year as the boys grow and want to participate in less and less of them. As family grows, and changes, and moves away we reconfigure our holidays each year and try to focus on all the good we have going on in our lives. I love that your son is going to make his gift; homemade gifts are the best!

    • akeerie

      He came home all excited last night, the bowl half made. Quite amazing, but his mum is onto him and knows something is going on. I know nothing 😉

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