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Come on in, lets get you out the wind. What a night! The bins have moved as though they had legs of their own and the garden bench strewn across the lawn. Amazed we slept through the noise that bellowed up and down the blocked chimney that is just behind our bed rest.

I was about to get another sleep cycle in when the door bell went. The postman still out in these weathers. 6:50am and its pitch black out there. Made coffee for two but the boss is still sound asleep as well as the big guy. I’m amazed they didn’t hear the bell or the door being opened and closed. I almost thought I was imagining it. There was no one there when I opened the door and peered out into the black. Thankfully a couple of items in the corner put my mind at rest.

I made it into the office this week on my bike. Pitch black both ways and I’m so out of practice. Possibly the last time before the end of the year. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, the building is being packed up as another way of consolidating operating costs. We will see what the new year brings in terms of the routine, a promise of new space in the building I started at a good twenty years a go.

Food is mainly about naughtiness this week, I made a Christmas cake using the recipe of my wife’s mum (the black box), and in case we get through that I started a brandy dried fruit soak for the next one (which should have been done in October!). Also picked off the Millionaires Shortbread recipe that had been staring at me from the black box for some time. Your definitely welcome to a piece, I will abstain on this round having already had two and I feel I need a 5 mile hike before my next one!

The veg box this week was heavy, a huge turnip, sweet potato, cabbage and carrots with a few other things thrown in for good measure. It’s that time of year where the root veg are really kicking in. For some reason we have red onions coming out of ears and we might be eating turnip for weeks….I can feel a sausage, onion and turnip affair for tea this evening.

The house is starting to stir and so I will call time, another week in the bag and hopefully the madness around Black Friday will stop, and a new madness will take it’s place! Thank you for popping by.

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.


  1. Kirstin

    Oh I would not be happy to have my doorbell rung that early, even though I’m awake early during the week….still. That’s early. Those bars look yummy!

    • akeerie

      I was not happy! But then became relieved I’d not misheard. Nice lie in today though, silent in the night, the muffling effect of snow.

  2. Tena Carr

    The brandy soaked dried fruit sounds quite interesting. So what is a Christmas cake…. Can’t say I’ve ever heard of such.

  3. Natalie

    I know what you mean by needing a 5 mile hike before the next sweet treat. Root vegetables are in season here, too. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

    • akeerie

      Thanks Natalie, and thanks for hosting. Good news I made that 5 mile hike….so deserve that next piece 🙃

  4. Thistles and Kiwis

    I love Christmas cake…have bought one from an independent baker this year as my husband doesn’t eat it. Will share this one on Christmas Eve though. I love root vegetables, but loving the asparagus, peas and the first sweet corn down here.

    • akeerie

      Woke to snow this morning! Feels like we should crack the fruit cake open now! Enjoy the asparagus!

  5. Debbie

    That slice looks delicious! We’re hoping for some warm weather here in Aus but La Nina has other ideas and wants us to enjoy a wet summer by the sounds of things!

    • akeerie

      Just looked up La Niña, wow wettest November in a 121 years! Hope your all safe.

      • Debbie

        Yep that’s about it! Sun is shining today but more rain is on the way over summer. Thanks for checking it out!

        • akeerie

          Worked in technology for a long time and I still find it amazing that we can bounce back messages across the globe, and you can tell me that the sun is shining just now. I’m sat looking out into the darkness, looks like a slight frost on the car windscreens, another hour before the light should start to appear. Some of the floods look terrible! I hope whatever is next rain wise passes quickly.

      • Debbie

        Thanks it was a massive 232mls for the month and maybe more to come during the rest of our summer. All good here at the moment.

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