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I just recently posted a recipe for beetroot brownies and I also popped it into the writing forum I’m part of which provoked a few comments that I wasn’t expecting. I was just trying to get something out there.

The questions were generous in nature, but made me realise I’d taken something for granted in that I thought everyone knew what a beet root was.  For me they were part of my childhood and I hated them. They came out of a jar and sat on the buffet table at Christmas, all vinegary and sour. They were sliced and prized out with a fork. Extra special when they came out the jar crinkle cut, providing variety on the plate and a change in conversation along with the colour of the napkin.

They never seemed to feature in my Grandads vegetable garden so I never knew until late in life that we could buy these in bunches, typically 5 or 6 at a time, usually the same size for equal cooking time. They sometimes appear in the veg box, caked in mud, but different varieties my favourite being the golden. Once cooked and sliced in a particular way you get an amazing effect visually.

It’s only now through learning to cook that I realise this an awesome sweet root vegetable that provides many nutritional benefits. The tops providing the leaves for many of our pre packed salad bags and the strips of purple that you often find added. Then the root, a ball of purple, similar to a turnip, grown like carrots. Hardy in nature which is good for the Scottish weather.


  1. Angela

    Well that does it for me! I’m looking up recipes ASAP that use beetroot! My curiosity has officially won. 😀

  2. Ju-Lyn

    It’s only been in recent years that I’ve encountered a raw beetroot; previously, my encounters had all been pickled (I don’t think there was much demand for raw beets in Singapore).

    • akeerie

      I can imagine, it wasn’t something I deliberately would look out until it appeared in the veg box. Now seems very much part of our lives where we top up when it doesn’t appear.

  3. Steven

    I didn’t think of beets as a sweet item until I lived in Germany for a while; I discovered there that beet sugar is superior to the far-more-common-in-North-America cane sugar. Delightful!

    • akeerie

      Never thought that sugar might be made from beets, makes sense now!

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