Impromptu – a start

Coffee and Notebook

I feel a bit of an imposter writing this, a strange feeling where I’ve just started to type. I know I want to blog, but the fear of putting something down. The questions in my mind around who, what, why when floating around in my mind forcing me to question the whole point……then it hits me. Just type and start.

6.45 the house is quiet aside from the quiet clunking of the radiators warming up as the central heating turns over. The boss has gone for a run, a welcome relief as the snow has gone and the outside is at a temperature where there should be no black ice.

I’m trying to focus myself more, I’d normally have grunted rolled over and put the alarm on snooze. Instead I’m in a state of fuzzy shock. I’ve started putting an alarm on in the corner of room forcing myself to get out of bed rather than pressing the snooze button. I’ve made it to Thursday, 4 days in a row! It’s a tiny change something I’m trying to take from Jame’s Clears atomic habits, small incremental changes.

I’ve started up on the black box again, the recipe file that we inherited. I’m starting to be ruthless, there are recipes I’m never going to touch like bacon and liver, liver loaf and a tinned salmon ring and salmon pudding. I’m determined to examine everyone and setting a target of one a day in terms of transcribing… to be achievable and a start.