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Day 1- Nanopoblano

You can do that thing is an apt starting point for my Day 1 of Nanopoblano and I thought I’d share my goal of committing to 30 days of blog activities and essentially trying to post something everyday for the next 30 days.

A post a day in some shape or form might sound easy, I’m both excited and worried. It really means committing to something that I’ve tried to do for so long on and off……but in the spirit of doing that thing I’m giving it a shot.

One day I’d like to pull a cookbook together, it’s a dream that started probably when the boys arrived a good sixteen years ago. I’d wanted to chart the food that helped them to become good eaters. Then it was the food that I would cook that enabled us to move house a couple of times, sustaining us through the fixer uppers. Then it’s Scotland, the walks the exploration, then it was the summer holidays, the camper van. Then it was the box of random recipes that got passed on some time ago. With so many twists and turns, life has a way of happening and time passes by.

The recipe book isn’t about seeking fortune or fame, more a way of collating ideas over the years, the recipes for life and perhaps something that might get passed on at some point. It’s also worth pointing out eight or so home economics classes as a thirteen year old boy doesn’t constitute catering training and neither does a brief stint of washing dishes as my Saturday job before getting fired for dropping a milk crate! That was a good 30+ years ago; my career is in technology and so my experience really is as being a home cook, a family guy who lives in Scotland.

Woefully in fits and starts I’ve posted something every other week to the #WeekendCoffeeshare, nothing that would really move me forward with my purpose, my writing or to push my dream forward. Lock-down and the Covid situation saw me producing even less despite working from home. For a little while I fell into that trap of thinking I’d have more time being at home, that there would be more hours in the day for that side line project. An illusion that disappeared quickly as I realised working from home is harder, time management even more complex from both a physical and mental health point of view.

The ramble and the woe is me is over…….the next 30 days is going to see me put some effort in.

As you can see I’ve put a personal kind of Kanban board together:

  • 30 Days down the side
  • New Ideas
  • In Progress
  • Ready to Post
  • Done

Let’s do this!


  1. Writing Sparkle

    Day 1 – great post.

    Thanks for posting about NaNoPoBlano in your Weekend Coffee Share because I checked it out and decided to come along for the ride this month, so thanks again. See you tomorrow for a Day 2 post!!

    • EdinburghCook

      Brilliant! I’ll look forward to your posts

  2. Steven

    Happy Peppering!

    • EdinburghCook

      Thanks for saying hello Steven, I’ll be along to say hello back soon!

  3. ghostmmnc

    What a great start to the Nanopoblano challenge! Best of luck with the posting, and also to your project. 🙂

  4. dinah

    So happy to be peppering with you 🌹

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