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Happy New Year 2022

Back to it, Green lights

I’ve been mulling over my first blog post since the start of the year and welcome return of the coffee share to add that impetus to complete post!

The first nights sleep of 22 was broken and hard work. I could feel the headache enveloping my brain.  Try as I might, I wasn’t going to defeat the fog of that extra glass of fizz!  Although it was enjoyable at the time!  New Years day wasn’t going to be the day the resolutions kicked in!  The potential for the new me revealed as quickly as Clark Kent in a photo booth just wasn’t going to happen.

I’ve not been on the scales for a few weeks, I knew the answer.  Heavier than I wanted to be.  I do it anyway I want a baseline.  I try to convince the scales to give me a different answer by having a go at it a few times even employing the post number two technique later on which made me a pound or so heavier.  Go figure!

Breakfast is a refreshing grapefruit, followed by a couple slices of Panettone.  A lovely melt in the mouth kind of Brioche that toasts really quickly and makes the kitchen smell of heaven.  A choice of spread, Jam or Chocolate, both full of calorific goodliness and so there is no sympathy required for the weight headline. 

The article in the Guardian is apt,  New year, same old you! The secret to self-improvement is embracing your messy, imperfect life It’s only when you learn to accept who you are, flaws and all, that you can make real, worthwhile change!

As I was having a second cup of coffee I watched the hour long special on Quentin Blake.  I’m left in awe of the man and the legacy of his work.  I’m inspired to try some drawing again, another thing to add to my dreams list.  A good watch if you can, but suspect only available in the UK.  YouTube though, I just found a treasure trove of things to add to my watch list.  How to draw Willy Wonka with Quentin Blake

We’ve also been working through the Beatles and the McCartney programs on Disney+.  Again a level of creativity that is just so inspiring.  Particularly enjoying how McCartney is breaking down his music with the mixing desk and Rick Ruben.

……Fast forward to day 7, and I can safely say the week has flown by.  A return to work and some semblance of routine kicks in.  The habits and thoughts around 2022 are still there but starting to become a little more realistic as I battle with the day job versus the aspirations I’d set out for myself. 

I’m close to starting my 49th year and one of those sliding doors moments appears, I’m asking myself who I want to be next year when I look in the mirror and so I’m using the power of intention to try and direct me.  It hasn’t made getting up in the pitch black on a cold and icy morning thirty minutes earlier to try and kick start the mind any easier.

James Clear dropped into my inbox yesterday with his words of wisdom and I’m not surprised Atomic Habits is in the top 10 globally.  Possibly the state of the world at the moment causing everyone to reflect and think about who they want to be. He’s got a free 30 day course to supplement the book at the moment.

So lots of habit stacking, intention defining and reading on the agenda. I’ve just put up my current list of cookery books that I’m working through. and I’ve made the first coffee share of the year!

Heading into the weekend and I’m looking forward to a bit of free time to double down on my thinking.  I’ve to return my son to his University flat, fed and watered ready for a second term.  I’ve asked him to get up early so I don’t lose the whole day!   I can but ask, and make lots of noise as I get ready 😊

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.

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  1. Thistles and Kiwis

    Happy New Year! I like ‘habit stacking’ as a concept 🙂 It is summer here, and we are just back from a break away, with an extra week of holiday before work again for me and my husband, so a while until we can fall back into bad habits once the office beacons!

    • akeerie

      Enjoy the sun and your time off. I find it a strange concept to think of new year happening in amongst warmth rather than the cold and dark. But sounds ideal at this time!

  2. Astrid

    I definitely feel you about your intentions, particularly on the weight loss front. I did step on the scale last Wednesday. Really though, whether you step on the scale or not doesn’t change anything.

    I also feel you about getting up half an hour early to kickstart the day. I did that for the first week of the year, so everyday so far, but today, after a little while, I crept right back into bed.

    That being said, there’s only so much we can change at a time and besides, accepting ourselves is the first step indeed.

    • akeerie

      Completely agree Astrid. I’m accepting, but can’t help the struggle to tweak here and there! I know that crawling back into bed routine as well. I put my watch with the alarm on the other side of the room, so I can’t slam the snooze button.

  3. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Alex, and HNY to you & your family.
    The scale is universally not appreciated around here, but I do appreciate some amount of grace it occasionally hands out. This thing; for reasons I can’t explain, sometimes adds up to 2 pounds to the first reported result and when the news looks that bad, I then take up to 3 more attempts to get a result that matches a previous one. Only once have I had to settle for a higher weight than I expected.
    You’re learned to draw?
    With what time?
    I’d love to do this and many years ago set out to learn how to draw trees just because I like them. But I rarely found (okay – or made) the time so my drawing tools sit – looking dusty and ignored.
    Blogging has turned out to have a much shorter line between creation of something to share and actually seeing some results.
    Even that would be doomed if I were also as consumed as you are with creating things with kitchen tools.
    Have a great new year.

    • akeerie

      I used to draw! A long time ago, it’s something I’d love to do again. It doesn’t feel like riding a bike either. Every now and again there will be something I see but you’re right the time is the hardest part. More kitchen tooling to come for 2022, thanks for popping by.

  4. Natalie

    You’ve made the first coffee share of 2022, yay! One step at a time and as long as you keep moving, you’ll get to where you want to be. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. Happy New Year!

    • akeerie

      Thanks Natalie, and thanks for hosting

  5. Janet Alcorn

    “The secret to self-improvement is embracing your messy, imperfect life It’s only when you learn to accept who you are, flaws and all, that you can make real, worthwhile change!” So, so true. And I’m also a James Clear fan. I’d add another secret to self-improvement: little actions taken each day (see The Slight Edge, another one of my fave self improvement books, for more on that approach). Happy New Year!

  6. Maria

    I hope you get some well needed time to yourself this weekend. Happy New Year!

  7. Writing Sparkle

    Thank you for the virtual coffee. Best wishes for 2022.

  8. Kirstin

    I really liked that thought you shared from the article about the secret to self improvement. So good.

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