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Hello February

Notebook, pen and coffee

It’s flown by and the jump start to my body that I was hoping for has not happened. Not through the lack of trying. I think I had one week where I felt on top of the world and then due to a new exercise regime, potentially the new insoles I bought for my shoes…I started to have a stiff hip in the mornings that has thrown my confidence around whether I’m trying too hard.

Really really struggled to get up and at them, the black ice this week meant I used the bus more than planned and a late night post a retirement do on Thursday means I have my head in my hands thinking how I’m going to shake this.

So Saturday morning….the wind is a howling again the idea of getting on the bike without being blown off is a no. The boss had been out for a run and I’m slightly jealous…not in a mean way…just from the point of view of wanting to go too…but then the pain will kick in around my knee. I need to bite the bullet and see a physio. Just writing this has prompted me to book a session.

To share social media wise:

A great podcast on Circadian rhythm and how when we eat is really important: #81 Why When We Eat May Be More Important Than What We Eat with Professor Satchin Panda

As a result we are trying to bring our bedtime forward earlier so I can feel fresh faced at 6 in the morning. Alongside this trying to restrict our eating to within a 10 hour window in order to stick to circadian rhythms.

On the eats front today’s new recipes will be a quinoa and ham hock dish followed by a sweet potato and coconut brownie. A soup to use up the chilli in the fridge will be lentil, bolstered by the left overs of squash and sweet potato from the recipes above.

Have a great start to the month.

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  1. Kathleen Howell

    Your soup looks delish!! And thank you for the podcast, I’ve been reading about fasting myself..

    • EdinburghCook

      The fasting approach really seems to be a natural way to look after your body. Need to type the soup recipe up!

  2. Gary A Wilson

    Hi EC,

    And welcome back. Sorry to hear about those cranky joints. I was born with bad knees (thanks dad…) so have some idea of your frustration. It does sound like you are in hot pursuit on a solution so I hope it goes well.

    BTW: yours is the first post I recall where there does not appear to be any form of “like”. Weird, but I really did “like” your post (your latest soup is really tempting.

    So, thanks for the visit. Hang in there with the weather. Rumor has it, that spring is coming.
    Warmest regards

    • EdinburghCook

      Thanks Gary, and appreciate the heads up on the likes button. I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning on the site, complete overhaul! Don’t remember switching that bit off! I hope the buttons back now. I think we need to batten down the hatches first….the wind is coming again!

  3. Colline

    I hope everything gets sorted soon. It is frustrating when you cannot exercise.

    • EdinburghCook

      Just seem to get one thing right and then something else goes!

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