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Painting to Glasgow

I’ve taken the passenger seat for the first time in ages, a sign of the fact I’m tired of the drive through to Glasgow! I’ve had a real taste of what commuting along the central belt might mean and feel blessed I’m lucky to live near my place of work. This is my seventh trip over in the space of eight. Probably been more times this month than I have in my life time. I also clocked my head on the half open boot as I walked into it. The side of my head throbbing, possible I had a few cartoon stars as it happened. So I’m taking a moment, to watch the world go by.

The toing and throwing between the cities a result of my son starting his 2nd year at university and the final throws of painting a flat that’s seen some neglect. There’s been a Coldplay concert at Hampden Park, the national football stadium and some interviewing (more about that later)

Over the week I’ve been painting by myself, mainly door frames and the hall. A tiny space where you could barely swing a cat. I needed to know there would only be me who might touch something inadvertently. As we get close I’m wondering what kind of state I left the painting in and hoping that the time I spent there on my own was worth it.

The flasks are loaded with coffee for when we arrive, and I’m told there is a surprise home baked blueberry and polenta loaf. The van is packed with Ikea boxes, a good sign that we are getting closer.

Coldplay, is on the stereo, the family band and we have the Buenos Aires concert playing. Amazingly boy number two is listening with us rather than his own little sound bubble. It’s a chance to reflect on the amazing show we saw Tuesday evening.

As I mentioned earlier, a coincidence I was interviewing through in Glasgow as well. A set of grads facing into getting their career started in IT. I stayed over to try and avoid another motorway trip. A first night in the flat and an opportunity to walk into the centre where the recruitment was taking place. Enjoyed the light coming in through the windows.

I came across someone who’d had a placement in the pharmaceutical world, a SAS programmer. As I read this on the CV, I reflected and caught a breath. How could it be that time had gone by so fast, 25 years later here I was interviewing someone with a similar path to me.

As you can tell it’s been a busy old week, the idea of cooking a distant hope so it’s taken a backseat and I can totally see how easy it is to fall on a bad diet.

Thankfully there is a wind beneath my wings and a compass who keeps me straight…I feel blessed again. The blueberry loaf was magic by the way, thanks for joining me for coffee!

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted by Natalie the Explorer that serves as weekly heart beat and sort of of a mind-dump. Helps me reflect on my week, with a list of achievements, thoughts and rambles normally whilst drinking a beverage probably listening to music.


  1. Thistles and Kiwis

    I can’t believe I commuted between Edinburgh and Glasgow for several years (bus as cheaper than train….). I can’t say it brought me much joy!

  2. Gary A Wilson

    wow Alex, what a time you’ve had of this week!
    I too have caught myself interviewing someone who reminded me of myself from some decades past. It’s an sobering experience, but I have to say that I enjoy having the body of experience and memories of what life was like when I too was clawing my way through the IT world looking for a safe landing spot. Work was wild and the accomplishments now exhaust me just to think of them.
    Enjoy those reflections. You and I have both earned the right to do so.

    • chef

      Thanks Gary, agree we’ve done some hard yards. Amazed how time flies by!

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