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I thought I’d follow the theme that Natalie started with her post in Cork Town and the Don River Post for the weekend Coffee Share.

These flowers are amazing.  Starting off like miniature golf balls, and then an explosion into beautiful colours as they enfold.  The wind is unwelcome as it batters the long stalks trying to pry the petals away.  If these were fireworks then peonies to my mind would be the rockets.  Short big bursts of powerful colour.

Our garden is starting to explode along with neighbours gardens. Mid June is an amazing time for colour.


  1. Thistles and Kiwis


    • akeerie

      Thanks for popping by

  2. Natalie

    Beautiful description and stunning peonies. I agree peonies are like rockets. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

    • akeerie

      Thanks for hosting, and the little prompt to help me with my post this week

  3. Jo

    Lovely. I adore peonies, but given we don’t have spring here in south east Queensland (nor much of a winter) they don’t really grow here.

    • akeerie

      Plenty of winter here!

  4. cedar51

    love your progression of bud to full burst flower…

    • akeerie

      I wish I’d been organised to track the same flower, but had to cheat. The neighbours garden had the closed flower and our garden provided the other two.

  5. trentpmcd

    I like the firework analogy of those beautiful burst of blooming.

  6. Writing Sparkle

    I love flowers and photography of flowers. Thanks for sharing.

    • akeerie

      Thanks for saying hello

  7. Melis

    Such gorgeous colors! I’ve never grown Peonies but they sure are pretty to look at!

    • akeerie

      We’ve bought them as a plant, and just come back every year, my kind of gardening 🙂

      • Melis

        That is, truly, the best kind of gardening 🙂

  8. Janet Alcorn

    Peonies are some of my favorite flowers, and these are gorgeous!

    • akeerie

      Thanks for saying hello. They are magic.

  9. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Alex,
    Yea – June can be such a great time for gardening and wild colors.
    For my last few June’s it’s been a battle instead — me against the gophers who are determined to fill my yard with their craters and piles of soil pushed up from down where I need it to stay.
    Sigh – it all makes for some great “mighty gopher hunter” jokes.

    • akeerie

      So glad we don’t have gophers….that would drive me crazy!

      • Gary A Wilson

        They are making me crazy.
        I get unreasonably excited every time I trap one & I use lethal traps.

  10. Julie

    When I think of June, I think of peonies…but I can only find them in the grocery store. It’s too hot to grow peonies where I live.

  11. R.M. Carlson

    My very favorite flower – peonies! Your’s are gorgeous!

  12. R.M. Carlson

    My favorite flower! Your peonies are gorgeous.

    • akeerie

      There my wife’s favourite as well. It’s a shame they are so short lived, and easily battered in the wind.

  13. Kirstin

    I love peonies. So pretty

  14. Ju-Lyn

    Thank you for sharing your burst of colour! Our balcony garden is quite bare at the moment – too much rain so I think everything has drowned – so I am very happy to the blooms from your garden.

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