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Ski 22

It’s been a week since I’ve sat in the chair, taping away on the iPad keyboard and a coffee the way I like it.  Fresh from the stove top rather than a conference style flask that we’ve been having at breakfast. 

I’ve been away for a week, blowing away the cobwebs skiing in the French Alps.  I’d have told you in the run up to the trip but I really didn’t want to tempt fate.  Petrified of catching Covid and not being allowed to go.   The run up to a fit to fly test was nerve racking, even more so when we were waiting for the result. 

One of those things that I shouldn’t have worried about.  We were squeaky clean and fit to fly.  An early 3am Saturday start to make one of the first flights out of the airport.  We got into resort around 4pm, where we needed to pinch ourselves.  Couldn’t quite believe we’d manage to travel, to escape into the mountains of a different country.  Tignes and Val d’Isere, our home for the next seven nights with six days of skiing ahead of us.

Sunday morning we rose to blue skies, we couldn’t believe our luck.  My youngest son, kicking off where he’d left off a good three years ago.  Think of Sonic the Hedgehog on skis at every turn he collected gold coins.  My wife and I a little more cautious, however we were caught up in the beauty and the thrill of gliding down the mountains.  We forgot our fears, and grown up worries and our crazy computer led lives and soaked up the awe.

Tuesday morning, the alarm set for a 7am start in order to hit breakfast at 7.30am hoping for more of the same.  It’s a different story, my body aches, muscles that haven’t been used in a long time, shaken and full on fresh air they are wondering what’s happened.   I pull back the curtain in the room.  It looks brutal outside, a metaphor for my muscles.  I can just see the lifts in the distance.  No movement as yet.  My son, ba-bing…up and ready!  The dull clouds aren’t going to rain on his parade there is a day of skiing to be had with no homework in sight.

Wednesday….there is more snow, it’s hard to see.  The disorientation is too much for me.  My muscles are not in a fit state of defensive skiing and I ask myself why I’m doing this.  I agree with the boss we’ll do a couple more runs but I need to call time.  Today it isn’t for me.  The boy needs this though,  this is a salve,  his happy place a way from the pressure to learn and to do well.  Here he is king of the mountain.  Fuelled on Chocolat chaud and another protein bar he’s keen to convince his  mum they’ve got this and stay out together.  I say goodbye at the chair lift and take my rest. I get back to the hotel.  I’m not the only one taking a breather.  Later my wife joins me and we walk to the next village along,  amazingly the walking helps the body.   We walk over a frozen lake, we see huskies and dream of buying new skis and boots.  Our last purchase was before the boys were born a good twenty years ago so they have had their money’s worth.

Thursday…. the forecast indicates some blue skies in the afternoon.  So it was a case of a leisurely breakfast (which was a real shame!). The boy went off to put some time in on the slopes, myself some reading that I’d promised myself.    As the morning went on the clouds started to lift and low and behold we could see again.  An afternoon of skiing ensued and through our enthusiasm we missed one of the last lifts back to resort and ended up on the local ski bus back to the resort.

Friday and our last day.  The mountain range decided to put on its charm.  The warmest day of the week was about to happen.  We were practically on the first lift up at 8:50am….straight up onto the empty slopes that yesterday had been busy.  These slopes were hard, and worn, pisted into grooves that are brutal on the body.  Amazingly empty due to the time of day.  We broke ourselves in and enjoyed the peace before taking a Funicular even higher and close to the glacier.  Here the snow was soft and reminded us why we were here.  We ended up doing the run about eleven or so times.  Plus we found the best restaurant of the holiday right at the top of the Grand Motte.

Eventually all good things to come to an end though.  We needed to get back down the mountain and across the range.  We were glad we’d stayed so high, the lower slopes were showing temperatures of 12°c/53°f, the snow forming sticky clumps that really wasn’t nice to ski on.  My wife calls it bone breaking snow.  Taking a few moments as we drifted back to town….in all an amazing week and a break from the norm.

Sunday, and back to it.  My brain though is thinking differently at least for  a while, before I log into work and check for any damage whilst I’ve been away.  I already know though as I’ve been peeping as the days went along the temptation to great to know if there are any gotchas waiting for me!

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  1. trentpmcd

    Skiing the French Alps? I’m ready to go! Even the warm weather Spring Skiing of the last day is fun if you’re prepared for it.

    • akeerie

      My son was definitely in the mindset of cutting through the warm weather snow. I think the fear just kicked in for me, the legs just not ready for it.

      • trentpmcd

        Here in New England, a lot of people relish the warm snow, though I am not as big of a fan of spring skiing as many, particularly if it is still the middle of winter!

  2. Gary A Wilson

    Hi Alex,
    I’m too old for skiing now – but this looks and sounds luscious for the 20 or 30 year younger me.
    On the other hand, I’ve not worn my snow suit since loosing about 40 pounds. Maybe I’ll try it on just for the fun of it not fitting well anymore in a good way for a change.

    • akeerie

      LOL….I’d not worn my salopettes for a couple of years. I should have tried them on before we’d left. Fortunately it was only a belt adjustment required! I’ve got some work to do now I’m back.

  3. Janet Alcorn

    Sounds like a wonderful trip, and the pics are gorgeous. Amazing what a vacation can do to refresh the mind and spirit.

  4. Ju-Lyn

    I am so glad that your vacation went well. I guess travel will be fraught with anxiety for a while, wondering if one gets to actually depart, and then all sorts of stuff while there. But it sounds like it was a fabulous week!

  5. Kirstin

    Sounds like a wonderful time. I don’t ski but think snowshoeing or cross country skiing would be enjoyable. That last photo is stunning.

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