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Monday and I want to press the reset button, start the week as I mean to go on. Managed to remember to put my watch alarm a good few meters away from the bed so I would have to get out to turn it off.

Reset, means doing that exercise that I said I would, that 10 mins of yoga before doing a 3k run round the park and writing a few things as I have my coffee and start what feels like a new term. This weekend we hit the milestone of depositing child number one at University and even though number two been back at school a couple of weeks. It definitely feels like we can now crack on as a three.

Started my week with a bit of James Clear and the 2 minute rule. I listen more than watch in the morning as I do my exercises and this I think encapsulates showing up.



  1. Ju-Lyn

    It sounds like the calm after a big rush of things. Hope the reset went well.

    • EdinburghCook

      Thanks, yes…4 days straight of showing up, and doing my stretches!

  2. Maria

    For a child to start University is a huge milestone! My oldest started his first year the August. We moved to the apartment where we live now, close to the the University of his choice last year, so that he can live at home.
    Have a great rest of your week!

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