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Young Man

It’s a morning of reflection, Eighteen years ago a tiny baby came into the world and changed it forever, for me anyways.  Today, officially he becomes a young man.  I take a pause at that statement and reflect on where I was at that time.  My final year at school no idea where I was heading, a part time job at Lakeland (they only had three stores at that point) and the head office in Windermere.  My memory is vague, but I do remember a night at the Aquarius the local nightclub eight miles away.  I’d managed to blag a lift off a pal so I could have a couple of drinks, probably all I could afford, and honestly I wasn’t bothered about drinking anyway.  There might have been a few school pals dotted about in the darkness, purely by chance and no gathering as such to mark the occasion.  There is one moment of clarity on the dance floor the mega mix of Dressed for Success by Roxette.  Not sure I was dancing with anyone in particular just enjoying the moment in my own anonymity and a tune I loved. 

Today though, we head over to Glasgow in amongst the cancellations and the calls to stay safe.  We’ve booked a table at The Butchershop bar & grill, determined to mark the day and bring some excitement to the occasion.  Eighteen a strange number to mark but a number none the less to hang your hat on and say wow……happy birthday.

It seems a long time since last weekend and the expedition my younger son and I took in order to source his wood block and a Christmas tree.  A circular route, one of those we’ll be out for an hour or so turned into the whole afternoon.   Skirting around the coast there was no sign of a snow storm.  It was just rain.  The wood block was picked and in the bag in a good thirty mins.   Then we started to head in-land, we’d heard of a community woodland that sold Christmas trees for a reasonable amount and supported the wood itself.  A charitable act at the same time as bringing something local into the house.   We came within about 2 miles of the wood.  As we headed inland the rain turned to snow, beautiful in nature but to the road and those people trying to get through it turned into a real problem.   We were doing fine until the car in front stopped, which meant I had to stop and then disaster struck the traction control kicked in and we couldn’t move forward.  My son the hero of the day in his football shorts, put on the boots I’d brought for the wood got out and started to push.  Wheels spinning like crazy and with a good ten minutes we made it to the crest of the hill.   We bailed at that point, headed back into town and accepted the markup at the local garden centre grateful to have made it home alive!

The woodblock I got to see half way through it’s transformation and I’m impressed.  I wish I’d taken a picture before it went back into school.  It’s not come home again although I’ve been informed it’s nearly done, raised grain and all.  His mum is going to love it.

Food….arrrghh, we have all manner of things arrive in the veg box from potatoes (we ask for no potatoes!), cauliflower, fennel, leek and cabbage.  I haven’t really given it a second thought.  It will be tomorrow’s job.   I fancy making some kind of gratin with the fennel.

Media…We are slowly making it through the Get Back Beatles documentary on Disney, completing part two last night.  A fascinating insight into the last album the Beatles made a few years before I was even born.  The restoration of the footage is amazing.  Aside from a little spat with George there is no evidence of a breakup looming.  Although it is very bizarre having Yoko there day in day out.

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  1. Thistles and Kiwis

    A gratin with the fennel sounds good. Glad you got the wood block and tree eventually! Hope you had a great birthday celebration over in Glasgow.

  2. Natalie

    Happy birthday to your young man! He’s a beautiful baby in the photo you share. I hope you all have a great celebration in Glasgow. Well done with your tree and the lights. I hope you’ll share a photo of the wood bowl after the holidays. Thank you for your #weekendcoffeeshare.

    • akeerie

      Thanks Natalie, thanks for hosting and making a visit to everyone’s blog. You’re amazing!

  3. Maria

    Happy birthday to your son! He is 1,5 year younger than my son. Where does the time disappear ?
    Your Christmas tree is beautiful. Thank you for this reflective coffee, perfect for an early Sunday morning.

    • akeerie

      Thank you for saying hello. Yes the time does fly, we pulled a photograph album together to mark the 18 years…so many memories in the blink of an eye.

  4. Debbie

    What lovely reflections! Happy birthday to your son :). It’s been my birthday over the weekend too. #weekendcoffeeshare

    • akeerie

      Happy birthday Debbie. Hope you got some sun!

  5. Janet Alcorn

    Happy birthday to your son–and congrats to you for raising him to manhood!

    • akeerie

      Thank you, my wife and I did take a moment to count our blessings that we’d done ok and survived the ups and downs that go along with being parents!

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